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Jeanette Gee started making costumes for Bodicote Youth Drama Group about 30 years ago. Eight years on, after getting the bug for costume making, Jeanette decided to open up her own shop in the evenings whilst working in a full-time job.  Eventually, Wacky Wardrobe became a full-time successful business and had expanded so much that Jeanette was able to give up her daytime job and concentrate on all the wonderful costumes she hires out today.  

In 2009, Wacky Wardrobe moved to a bigger premises in Swan Close Road which is where you will find the store now. There you will find thousands of costumes including whole sets of outfits for a variety of musicals, plays and pantomimes. 

Jeanette works with theatre groups all over the country and has even had her costumes featured at various high profile events. Her work has been recognised by NODA (National Operatic and Dramatic Association). Anyone needing a costume is always welcome to come and take a look around the Wacky Wardrobe store - affectionataly known as 'Banbury's own Aladdin's Cave' - as Wacky Wardrobe is sure to be able to help you out!

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